The group purchasing body RESAH awards its contract for telecommunications and related services to Orange Healthcare

Paris, 7 October 2016

As part of the process of setting up the Groupements Hospitaliers de Territoire, the area hospital clusters in France, their telecommunications solutions need to be harmonised and they need to gradually move towards a shared information system.
With this in mind, the group purchasing body RESAH launched a tender process to select an operator capable of offering the GHT a full range of telecommunications solutions and related services to support the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.
Orange Healthcare has been selected as the successful tenderer for this 4-year contract.

The following services are available under this contract:

  • Fixed telephony, mobile telephony, fixed/mobile convergence, multicast services, compressed digital file transmission services and audio- and web-conferencing services;
  • VPN and internet service networks, internet access, multicast services, compressed digital file transmission services and audio- and web-conferencing services;
  • ISS, accredited personal healthcare data hosting services .

Hospitals can choose the services they want and the timetable for adoption, according to their requirements.

On request, RESAH’s expertise and resources centre, in collaboration with a specialist consulting firm, will help hospitals to define their requirements and to monitor the implementation of the contract.

In partnership with Orange Healthcare, over the next few weeks the RESAH group purchasing body will be contacting hospitals in the different regions to draw their attention to the attractive solutions available under this new contract.

The RESAH contract is also available to socio-medical organisations and, consequently, they too can benefit from the solutions Orange Healthcare offers, under terms that are very advantageous.

In association with Orange Healthcare, RESAH will set up a group for the organisations receiving services under the contract, to enable them to discuss good practice, share experiences and to help them implement progress plans over the course of the contract.

The awarding of this new group procurement contract is a reflection of RESAH’s commitment to developing effective procurement policy to support the digital transformation that is taking place within the healthcare sector.

About Orange Healthcare, the healthcare subsidiary of Orange Business Services

For more than a decade, Orange has gained substantial experience in providing integrated and customer-centred technology solutions for health professionals, health providers and patients. Today, Orange Business Services has decided to create a dedicated subsidiary: Orange Healthcare. This new entity is integrated in Orange Applications for Business, which brings together all the sectoral expertise of Orange Business Services.

Within Orange Business Services, Orange Healthcare has the technological know-how to offer solutions that are simple, reliable and effective in medical services and human services, thus contributing to provide innovative responses to the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Because they make it possible to optimize healthcare practices while guaranteeing the quality of healthcare services and equal access to those services, new technologies play an essential role in modernizing and improving healthcare systems. Facilitating and securing the transmission of medical information, reducing administrative costs, improving patient monitoring, developing systems for observation and management of risks in order to promote prevention, optimizing and customizing disease management by the patient, facilitating home support services for dependent individuals… these are just some of the new services being developed by Orange Healthcare.

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