Shared Medical Imaging

Storing and archiving imaging data

Shared Medical Imaging is a neutral storage and archiving service for medical images in DICOM format (the standard format for radiology data).

Enabling the sharing of imaging data between establishments

The service makes it possible to store and archive imaging data in DICOM format neutrally and securely, prior to setting up a mechanism to share it with healthcare professionals from another establishment or with GPs over the Internet.

High security for personal data

The Medical Imaging solution relies upon the Health Data Solutions hosting service, which guarantees that the data is hosted in France and is 100% compliant with regulatory requirements. The platform is accessed via a secure tunnel.



- Neutral archiving

- Guaranteed interoperability

- Variable retention periods

A business model that is economical to use: no more heavy investment for the establishment as the IT complexity is the responsibility of the service provider, with savings into the bargain

How does it work?

In particular this solution can:

  • Store and archive a range of medical imaging data digitally
  • Outsource the management of technical and administrative constraints
  • Control budgets with pay-as-you-go billing
  • Service packages are limited to the terminal required for operation with a PACS within an area hospital cluster or a consortium of private radiologists

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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