Room TV suite

Enhancing the comfort of your patients with a multi-terminal, interactive communications solution

Room TV is a communications portal designed to enhance patient comfort. It provides residents with a TV screen from which they can access a number of different entertainment formats, as well as practical information about their stay.

Customising your relationships with your patients

Room TV makes it possible for you to customise the practical and medical information you share with your patients. You can choose the information to be broadcast on the screens or in the public areas of your establishment, using the banners or promotional messages you select: welcome messages, language selection (11 languages available), TV/mobile device compatibility.

Offering a range of multimedia features

Your patients can access a number of interactive entertainment services. They can choose from a wide range of television programmes, a catalogue of on-demand videos, games, audio-books, music or a social network designed specifically for connecting patients with each other and with their friends and families.
There are 43 entertainment channels for patients, package options (OCS, beIN Sport, etc), a portal for ordering products and services, a web interface, and use of the TV to share content.


- A better patient experience

- Enhanced comfort for residents

- Promotion of the establishment

- An interactive solution

How does it work?

Customisable interface, management of promotional spaces

  • Consistency with the establishment’s image
  • Welcome message
  • In the language of the patient (11 languages available)
  • TV/mobile device compatibility

Additional mobile formats on tablet or smartphone

  • Instant communication
  • Pushed information
  • Appointments (manicure, hairdresser, etc)
  • Range of newspapers

Available formats: room & mobile

  • 43 entertainment channels, package options (OCS, beIN Sport, etc)
  • Information portal and promotional spaces
  • Portal for ordering products/services
  • Use of the TV for sharing own content
  • Services
  • Web portal

Information services in the establishment’s reception areas

  • Information displays
  • Television channels

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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