Interactive Voice Server

Offering your patients a personalised welcome on the phone and reducing their waiting time

Interactive Voice Server is a voice-recognition switchboard solution that makes it possible to optimise patient interaction with healthcare establishments.

Enhancing the quality of your interactions

Interactive Voice Server enables you to answer calls, give information and redirect callers quickly and efficiently. It can be fully customised and can handle calls 24/7, both in France and abroad. You will improve the quality of interaction and enhance the image your users have of your establishment, as they will be able to contact the right person more quickly. Furthermore, the solution includes various options for after-call surveys in order to gather patients’ opinions after contact.

Making your teams’ work easier

The Interactive Voice Server has a system for filtering incoming calls, which reduces the workload of your reception staff, enabling them to concentrate on other tasks with higher added value.

Serveur vocal interactif


- Less time spent on hold

- A better patient experience

- Improved quality of care

- Time savings for staff

How does it work?

The customer is able to change the Interactive Voice Server’s messages completely independently using the Web Administrator tool.

The Interactive Voice Server makes it possible to receive and direct calls coming in to your organisation. The solution provides a first-level service for receiving incoming calls to your establishment and directing them using multiple-choice navigation, which the caller operates by pressing the buttons on their phone.

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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