Health Data Solutions

Orange Healthcare’s healthcare data hosting service

Often vulnerable to cyber-attacks, healthcare establishments face huge challenges. This is why the hosting and processing of healthcare data is governed by French legislation that requires accreditation in order to hold such data, under conditions designed to ensure the data is retained and kept confidential over time.

French and European regulations are moving towards certification and the GDPR, and Orange Healthcare is actively preparing for this.

Choosing a quality solution for securing your healthcare data

Orange Healthcare was the first telecoms operator to be granted this accreditation.
You can use Orange Healthcare’s Health Data Solutions service to migrate all of your applications that contain healthcare data onto a dedicated space, which is entirely secure. Our Cloud Computing solution is based on a range of services to manage your environment from our infrastructure and can be adapted to your projects, whilst you can be totally confident that it complies with all legal requirements.

Depending on your needs, it can be used in combination with all Orange Business Services solutions to provide you with an optimised, hybrid Cloud service. This solution is flexible and can be adapted to suit the scale of your requirement and the architecture and services you have selected. The price you pay will, therefore, also be customised in accordance with your requirements, so that you are fully in control of your budget.

Orange Healthcare services range from supervision of the operating system, right up to the outsourcing of your application and of the whole software stack. Consequently, you have the benefit of a highly secure healthcare solution that is fully compliant with accreditation as a “provider of hosting services for personal healthcare data”, and of outsourcing the majority of your constraints.


Take advantage of an IT structure that uses expert advice to focus on your core business; thanks to our Cloud solution, you can control and make best use of your IT budget using an OPEX model that requires no investment in infrastructure or licences, and which takes account of all the constraints of your organisation.

You will delegate the supervision of your critical application software to a high level of management.

You will comply with the regulations in force, without having the responsibility of keeping your information system or business application software secure.

How does it work?

The healthcare hosting service consists of making a healthcare platform available for the Customer to use. This is made up of a hardware and software infrastructure comprising one or more actual or virtual machines configured to host personal healthcare data.
This healthcare hosting service enables the Customer to construct their own environment from services and pre-defined hardware and software, according to the level of involvement they need in the management of the application software.

Some of the components of the Platform are shared (bandwidth, connection to the Internet/Intranet, server maintenance, premises, firewall software, storage, etc).

Orange services range from supervision of your platform and operating system, right up to the outsourcing of your application and of the whole software stack.

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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