Cyber Protection for healthcare IT

Securing the entire risk chain

The space to be kept secure is increasingly large and accessible. Security is becoming a cross-cutting issue that is not just limited to IT departments.

Orange Healthcare relies on the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense to protect your healthcare IT.

Our solutions make it possible to comply with regulatory requirements – particularly in terms of the hosting and protection of personal data – whilst also safeguarding your data from hacking, failure or malfunction.

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Helping to ensure your establishment complies with regulatory requirements

Safeguarding your establishment’s reputation in the face of extensive media coverage of attacks

How does it work?


We help you with the assessment and design of the pragmatic improvements required to protect your critical assets. Our services include, for example, an analysis of any non-compliance with regulations (HDS, GDPR, ISO standards, etc), help with becoming compliant, compliance monitoring and checking and submission of documents for accreditation as a provider of hosting services for personal data.

Protection against malware

A global approach based on the most well-recognised market solutions at competitive prices purchased through central purchasing bodies for your workstations and servers (EDP/EDR), your mobiles and tablets, and your email (anti-phishing, anti-spam, graymail, spear phishing), as well as for your perimeter security (firewall, proxy, sandbox, etc).

Identity management

The sharing of hospital IT systems makes identity management more complicated, eg within an area hospital cluster. We can help you to put in place identity federation solutions (Microsoft or otherwise), such as synchronisation of identities between directories, applications and databases, or the management of privileged accounts.

Data Protection

We offer structured (databases, etc) and non-structured (file servers, email, etc) data protection solutions.


For your most sensitive assets, our SOC and CERT service centres can conduct ongoing monitoring and proactive security incident detection in order to anticipate and respond to attacks.


Our Cybersecurity Training Center delivers training courses in IT security. Always fully informed of current developments, these courses closely monitor the rapid changes in regulations, risks and threats that Healthcare IT faces.

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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