Contact Everyone

Efficient notification of all your contacts by e-mail, text, voice message, mobile web or fax

Contact Everyone is a Cloud-based solution for the instantaneous or deferred sending of messages, which has been designed so that you can notify all your patients, partners, employees or other stakeholders in just a few clicks.

Sending all your messages in just a few clicks

Contact Everyone is based on a secure architecture and platform designed to process up to several tens of thousands of messages per hour. An API enables you to connect your information system to Contact Everyone in absolute security, so that you can automate and customise your information campaigns.

Adapting the solution to meet your needs

The Contact Everyone service comes with web-based email as standard. Connection and management of outgoing messages is automatic. You can customise the solution to meet your needs by adding in an API (for automated sending), an email interface (for sending from your inbox) and a voice-activated management system (for remote operation).



- Increased productivity

- Cost control

- Enhanced efficiency

- Guaranteed patient satisfaction

How does it work?

Contact Everyone makes it possible for you to simply and quickly send messages to your distribution lists via text, email, voice message (fixed line or mobile) or fax. The customer sends their message to selected recipients in real-time or at a scheduled time.

The solution offers the user a web interface, from which they can manage contact lists, message templates, distribution strategies and detailed, real-time monitoring of sent messages. The customer can view their distribution history for the last 13 months + the current month in graph or table form. Statistics given are the number of messages sent and the success rate, broken down by media.

Solution available and sold in France. Please contact us for other regions.

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