Healthcare organisations

Thanks to this integration, Orange has a presence in over half of the healthcare organisations in France. Enovacom and Orange Healthcare help organisations with issues such as creating hospital groups, improving patient/physician pathways, and securing data and IT systems. Digital technology is a key enabler in all these areas.

Protect your organisation’s data and patient data

Enovacom offers complete modular data protection that fits around the needs of your IT system strategy. We can optimise access management, data protection and security, and system resilience, to give you confidence in how your data is being used and managed.

We have been proud to help more than 1,600 clients manage their healthcare data flows over the past 18 years.
As the leader of internal and external application and biomedical interoperability, we streamline your healthcare stakeholders’ collaboration and help continuously improve the quality of care they provide.

Digitise patient pathways

Plan how to manage your patients before, during and after they come in for treatment. Simplify outpatient care with our innovative and reliable technology, and make it easier to organise, admit, take care of and monitor patients for hospital visits.

Manage information and documentation and make these accessible to every organisation and stakeholder in your local area, while guaranteeing that personal data stays protected and secure with our data warehouse. Use data to inform clinical and diagnostic decision support projects, and underpin large-scale data-driven collaboration to help progress medical research.

Transfer your healthcare documents securely

Host your personal healthcare data securely

Automate outpatient monitoring

Automate Covid-19 patient monitoring

Optimise your patients’ online pre-admission procedures