About us

Orange Healthcare supports the digital transformation of major players in healthcare, and provides solutions to enhance the performance of the healthcare system.

Orange Healthcare is the healthcare subsidiary of Orange and it sits under Orange Business Services.
With more than 10 years’ expertise in digital healthcare, we have a full range of technological know-how that enables us to offer solutions in both medical and human services that are simple, reliable and effective, thus helping to provide innovative responses to the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals.
Our mission is to support the digital transformation of the key players in the healthcare sector in France and internationally, for example by developing secure data transmission and hosting services.
To do this, we rely on what we consider to be our core values.

about-us-interoperabilityPrivacy and security are key issues for the digital society of today, and particularly so for the healthcare sector. Consequently, we have made data protection our priority.

We became the first telecommunications operator in France to become an accredited provider of hosting services for personal healthcare data, following a long and thorough screening process that covered a wide variety of criteria, from access to data, authority and control, to risk assessment.

about-us-interoperabilityAt Orange Healthcare, every eHealth solution is based on security, confidentiality and interoperability.

Orange Healthcare is actively engaged in initiatives to promote and establish end-to-end interoperability, common standards and open source solutions for healthcare information systems. We also belong to international professional associations, such as the Continua Health Alliance or the COCIR.

Our solutions are based on health data standards such as Health Level Seven (HL7), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM).

about-us-innovationDigital innovation is ingrained in Orange Healthcare’s DNA. We incorporate innovation into our solutions, making it available to the organisations and businesses that are operating in the healthcare sector, in order to:
•    make our healthcare system even more efficient,
•    improve people’s quality of life.

In doing so, we co-innovate alongside
•    resources from within the Orange Group (Orange Labs for Research, Technocentre, other entities’ innovation departments),
•    external partners (start-ups, the innovation departments of major groups, organisations from the public and private sectors, universities, etc).