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physical activity is key to the management of diabetes

Team Blood Glucose was formed to promote sports and exercise as a key tool in the management of all types of diabetes. During the mHealth Grand Tour, Team BG will have a squad of diabetic riders from all over the world taking part to this truly unique event. Paul Buchanan, Founder and Chief Executive, but also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, gives us his insights regarding the event and the development of mHealth solutions.

Can you tell us about Team BG and your objectives? 

Team Blood Glucose was formed to promote sports and exercise as a key tool in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and management of all types of diabetes.

Modern lifestyles have made us all much less active, and our bodies are designed to move. Our vision is a world where people don’t die from diabetes and our mission is to provide the tools, education and opportunity for people at risk of, or living with diabetes, to safely engage in sports and exercise.

For more information, and to support TeamBG go to our website

Team BG will have a team of riders during the mHealth Grand Tour, all of them living with diabetes. The Tour represents a multi-day endurance effort. How will the riders manage their disease with such a high level of sports and exercise? What role does physical activity play in the management of their disease? 

Physical activity is key to the management of diabetes for many different reasons; weight control, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and many more. 

All of the riders for TeamBG are ‘normal’ people, we are all non-professionals and our goal is to show that anyone can participate if they have a desire to do so. The mHealth Grand Tour will be a significant test of our ability to manage our diabetes over a multi-day event. We will all be testing our blood sugars regularly, we will have the support of a medical team and we will be participating in a ground breaking medical study looking at how we perform over the course of the event, with the data being live-streamed and available to medical experts!

You were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January 2012. As patient, how do you feel about the development of mhealth solutions? Will that personally help you in your everyday life to manage your disease? 

I come from a technology background, and as a newly diagnosed adult with Type 1 Diabetes I have been quite shocked at the lack of integration, co-operation and development in the health sector for technology that can and does make a significant difference to the daily tasks of managing a chronic condition like diabetes.

The health world could learn a lot from the mobile and technology world about integration and standardisation of technology for the benefit of the consumer, the patient!

If you had one wish to address industrial partners on the development of mhealth solution features, which one will you push? 

In my view the single most important issue to be addressed first would be the creation of a universal set of standards for the inter-operability of mHealth solutions, devices and services. Creating a common platform would lead to a revolution in the delivery of care and services in health.


Paul Buchanan


last update : 05 August 2013
Paul Buchanan - Team Blood Glucose - Orange Healthcare

"The health world could learn a lot from the mobile and technology world about integration and standardisation."

Founder and Chief Executive of TeamBG, Paul was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 44. With many years spent working for companies with global reach in both a non-executive and executive capacity, Paul has re-focused himself on helping others with diabetes.

Paul founded the Great Britain Diabetes Online Community (#gbdoc), a weekly tweet chat for people with diabetes and launched TeamBG as a not-for-profit to support, engage, educate and encourage us all to be more active.

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