Orange Healthcare to deploy region-wide telemedicine platform in Aquitaine, south-west France

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Paris, 18th March 2014

Orange Healthcare has been selected by the Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS - Regional Health Agency) of Aquitaine and the healthcare cooperation group Télésanté Aquitaine (TSA) to develop a regional telemedicine platform. The solution will enable remote diagnoses and consultations, and will also include tele-stroke services, teleconsultations from care homes and remote consultations with radiology specialists. The service will be used by healthcare facilities (healthcare establishments, medico-social centres, etc) across the Aquitaine region.

Under the contract terms, Orange Healthcare, in partnership with Accelis, will design, deploy and manage the solution. The telemedicine platform is to include data hosting as well as hosted healthcare applications such as radiology images, archiving and the issuing of prescriptions. The solution is based on Orange’s Flexible Computing Santé, a highly secure private network, or VPN, to connect healthcare establishments that subscribe to the service.

TSA is responsible for the overall leadership and operational objectives of the programme, and the Fond d'Investissement Régional (FIR - Regional Investment Fund) is providing programme financing in addition to contributing start-up funds to help participating healthcare establishments during project take-off.

The telemedicine solution will provide three initial care services:

  • Tele-stroke services: strokes are a medical emergency which require rapid and coordinated treatment. Each year, 8,000 individuals are victims to stroke in the Aquitaine region. The telemedicine solution will enable emergency careworkers in any healthcare establishment in the Aquitaine region to have the patient diagnosed by a neurologist via a teleconsultation, ensuring timely treatment within the critical 4.5 hour time frame following the stroke. If necessary, the neurologist can contact a neuro-radiologist, who will use tele-radiology to interpret the patient’s MRI or scan. The aim is to connect at least 20 establishments to the platform by the end of 2015.
  • Teleconsultation from care homes: this system will enable care homes to provide their residents with access to teleconsultations with specialists for various health concerns such as pressure sores, psychiatry, behavioural issues and palliative care. It is planned that approximately 60 care homes will access this service by the end of 2015.
  • Tele-expertise in radiology: emergency care services will have remote access to the expertise of a radiologist, irrespective of where in the region they are located. The aim is to ensure access to this service for 20 healthcare establishments by the end of 2015.

Preliminary participating healthcare facilities will be equipped with these solutions by May 2014

About Orange Healthcare, the health division of Orange

For more than a decade, Orange has gained substantial experience through close collaboration with healthcare stakeholders, and this was reinforced at the end of 2007 by the creation of Orange Healthcare, its Health division.
Within Orange Business Services, Orange Healthcare has the technological know-how to be able to develop solutions which are not only simple, reliable and effective for medical and personal care services, but also contribute to bringing innovative solutions to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

These new technologies play a crucial role in modernising and improving healthcare solutions, by optimising medical practice whilst guaranteeing quality and equal access to care services. Facilitating the transmission of medical data, reducing administration costs, improving patient monitoring, developing systems for observation and risk management to increase prevention rates, optimising and customising disease management by the patient, helping dependent people stay in their own homes… these are all new services developed by Orange Healthcare.

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