“My Healthline”: Orange's first healthcare hotline in Cameroon

25 March 25 March
Cameroun Cameroun

Paris, 25th March 2014

Orange Cameroon is launching a preventive medical service in collaboration with the country's Ministry for Health, allowing remote medical advice in real time. The solution, developed by Orange Healthcare will be released in April 2014.

Orange aims to expand My Healthline to other sub-Saharan African countries and extend the scope beyond sexual health, all built on a common Orange Healthcare platform.

My Healthline, a simple and reliable service from a professional medical team

Orange Cameroon customers will be able to access personalised advice on contraception, HIV / AIDS, sexuality and STDs from specialists by texting 929 between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm on any day of the week.
In less than one hour, the service will provide them with reliable medical information at minimal cost (XOF 200 per text message, i.e. EUR 0.25).

Orange will anonymise all questions, then transmit them to a medical service consisting of Cameroonian nurses and doctors. After analysis, the answer produced by the healthcare professionals will be sent back to the customer by Orange.

My Healthline provides quick, easy access by text, which allows anonymity and confidentiality. The service is to be provided in French, English and Pidgin (the main local dialect in Cameroon).

A service meeting Cameroonians' requirements

With two doctors per 10,000 inhabitants (against 33 in France) and half the population living in rural areas, access to medical facilities is currently very difficult in Cameroon. As Orange Cameroon has 6,500,000 customers, My Healthline will be able to reach a large proportion of the population.

Orange Healthcare has collaborated closely with the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Orange Cameroon and the Cameroonian Ministry for Health to achieve the best possible fit between the service and local needs. The subjects covered are themes often considered sensitive, or even taboo, on which people need reliable, non-judgmental information. In this way, My Healthline will help to improve preventive medicine throughout the country in partnership with medical professionals.

About Orange Healthcare, the health division of Orange

For more than a decade, Orange has gained substantial experience through close collaboration with healthcare stakeholders, and this was reinforced at the end of 2007 by the creation of Orange Healthcare, its Health division.
Within Orange Business Services, Orange Healthcare has the technological know-how to be able to develop solutions which are not only simple, reliable and effective for medical and personal care services, but also contribute to bringing innovative solutions to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

These new technologies play a crucial role in modernising and improving healthcare solutions, by optimising medical practice whilst guaranteeing quality and equal access to care services. Facilitating the transmission of medical data, reducing administration costs, improving patient monitoring, developing systems for observation and risk management to increase prevention rates, optimising and customising disease management by the patient, helping dependent people stay in their own homes… these are all new services developed by Orange Healthcare.

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