[Use Case] Smartview, remote monitoring solution for patients with implanted cardiac rhythm management devices

Patients fitted with heart prostheses require regular monitoring by their cardiologists. The remote monitoring solution represents a significant step forward in medical support.

Treatment and monitoring of these patients represents an increasing burden for doctors’ clinical practice. What’s more, because of the frequency of consultations and the number of doctors, some appointments are difficult to make … So, early identification of technical or medical anomalies makes it possible to respond quickly and take the necessary ad hoc steps.

SMARTVIEWTM, developed by Orange Healthcare and LivaNova, is a remote-monitoring solution for patients with implanted devices intended to treat problems with cardiac rhythm.

The patient’s implanted device wirelessly transmits data to a home monitor installed in the patient’s bedroom.
The home monitor then sends the data on to a centralized database hosted by Orange. Physicians can access the information, which is presented in easy-to-read, standardised patient reports, from their computer by connecting to the SMARTVIEWTM secure website.
Physicians can remotely access and review patient’s health status and adapt treatment if necessary.

Stefano Di Lullo, President, Cardiac Rhythm Management, LivaNova (ex Sorin Group)
With this remote monitoring system, physicians get timely information on the device behaviour and the related cardiac disease status, allowing prompt adaptation of the therapy when necessary. In addition, the solution intends to help physicians manage the ever-increasing workload they face, and preserve time for their patients whose health condition require more attention.
Stefano Di Lullo, President, Cardiac Rhythm Management, LivaNova (ex Sorin Group)


Remote monitoring improves treatment of cardiac patients and facilitates management of their clinical follow-up. Using the patient data transmitted from home, healthcare providers will have access to the most current information from their patient’s device. This may help early detection of potential health issues, before they become life-threatening, and to put in place adequate treatment.

Quality of life is also improved: patients no longer need frequent visits, only attending those that are essential, and feel safer thanks to the ongoing monitoring provided.
The work of medical personnel and healthcare centres is optimised: the time freed up because consultations are no longer required can be used for other patients.

Pr Philippe Mabo, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, France
The remote monitoring system lets me look in detail at the clinical data and the data from the device, usually collected during consultations, while the patient is at home … The SMARTVIEW solution provides information that allows me to detect clinical events at an early stage and thus improve the patient’s treatment.
Pr Philippe Mabo, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, France