[Use Case] Room TV at Hénin Beaumont Hospital, for the comfort and well-being of patients

Patient well-being is a core value of Hénin Beaumont Hospital, but they had a number of concerns about the quality of TV services.

Therefore, the hospital management wanted to do more than simply replace the receivers, suggesting high-performance communication tools that could both entertain and inform all their patients and staff.

Hénin Beaumont Hospital decided to install 105 Room TV sets, an interactive IP TV solution from Orange.

The hospital now has a TV service that offers both enhanced entertainment and an innovative communication tool to improve interaction with its patients. In this way, the hospital has been able to produce digital communications materials and broadcast them directly to TVs in patients’ rooms or in communal areas. In addition, the interface is completely customised with the hospital’s livery, giving the impression of end-to-end management of patient comfort.

We opted for Room TV, as we had made the decision to update the TV services we offered, in response to our patients’ concerns. We wanted a flexible, easy-to-use solution for our rooms. We also wanted extra services; more than just a TV set, we wanted to be able to communicate with our patients and our staff and send them customised information such as menus, or the cafeteria opening hours. We now offer our patients a high-quality service worthy of a large treatment centre, despite the fact that we are only an average-sized hospital.
Bruno Avril, Information Systems Director


The patients are completely happy with it, as they have access to a “home-style” multimedia experience, with more than 38 general and special interest channels available, as well as educational content. The television works from the moment the patient arrives in their room, without the need for activation by a technician.

Visitors to the hospital are also more comfortable, with entertainment programmes available in waiting rooms and common rooms.

And finally, the hospital is benefitting from a solution that fits in with its management system, making it possible to harmonise the invoicing system for TV services with that of the hospital’s other services.