[Use Case] Joining up communications in Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital

07 November 07 November

As part of the 2012 Hospital Plan, the CHR Metz-Thionville has decided on an overhaul, involving construction of a new hospital with additional blocks. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are helping to structure the dynamics of this transformation.

The main aims of the new Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital were to optimise patient care and comfort, to rationalise the organisation of care services and equipment, to enhance the hospital’s security, and to liberate healthcare providers from time-consuming tasks so that they can concentrate on patient care.

In 2007, work started on the new hospital, which is fully equipped with the latest technologies and meets stringent environmental standards (HQE). The design and build of the hospital anticipate the future interconnection of the entire regional healthcare system, enabling telemedicine and remote care solutions to reduce costly hospital stays.

Today, the hospital is a key example of how healthcare ICT innovations enable new levels of resource optimisation and better patient care while improving medical performance, in a secured environment. The solution brings all communications systems together, including state-of-the-art LAN, Wi-Fi, telecoms, emergency services, security systems, asset tracking and patient entertainment.

Jacques Hubert, Information Systems Director at Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital
The main aim of Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital is to put patients at the heart of what we do by improving accessibility, user comfort and interactivity all along the healthcare pathway. It should also respond to the public’s desire to have information available online and independent access to information. Innovation is a major challenge for the coming years.
Jacques Hubert, Information Systems Director at Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital


The modernisation of the hospital and its organisation have been completely rethought, bringing together high-quality care and optimisation of resources.

The new system is robust, reliable and eco-friendly.

Healthcare personnel can access digitised patient records from anywhere, anytime, representing significant gains in efficiency and patient care.

Automatic guided trolleys for the delivery of linen, meals and medicine stock management are used to reduce or eliminate repetitive, low added value tasks to enable the hospital’s staff to concentrate on patients and their treatment.

An enhanced security system has been installed to support isolated hospital workers and maternity units, where new-born babies are fitted with bracelets to complement the hospital’s stringent monitoring and protection policies.

Patients can personalise the digital services during their stay, and are able to access rich and diverse multimedia entertainment in their rooms – including TV, email and social networking sites.

The hospital Information System department has one trusted point of contact for all communications systems.